My name is Hieu Nguyen. 2021 Computer Science Graduate at the University of Louisville. I am a programmer, a web developer, video gamer, and semi anime addict.

Hello nice to meet you 😄

If you frequent my blog, then chances are you already know my name, but let me formally introduce myself. My name is Hieu Nguyen.

Who am I?


I am a Vietnamese immigrant who moved to the US at the age of 8. I came here knowing very little about the outside world. In Vietnam, I grew up in the country side. In case you are wondering, we have chickens and cows. Although beef is not consumed regularly due to the high costs and unsustainability of raising cattle.

Hello America!

At a young age, I was not really interested in academic or making something of myself. Life was simple. All I wanted to do was ride my bike and hang out with the local kids. We would go catch lizards or sneak into the neighbor’s pond and fish. That all changed when I came to America.

My reaction? I was mortified. There I was enjoying my simple yet fulfilling life, then suddenly I was told to abandon everything and accept my new future in America. However, day by day, I started to warm up to the new environment I was in. I learned english as well as the American lifestyle. I ate at McDonalds for the first time, and then a second time. I played new games. I hung out with new friends and family.

However, all material things lose their shine after a while, and so I search again for a reason why moving to America was a good thing. This search began when I got my first computer. I became obsessed with using it and knowing how it works. Then one day, I decided that I wanted to do something related to computer when I grew up. This pursuit has led me to the decision to study computer science.